SpanishFUN of Ohio
Early Childhood 2nd Language Activities
  Pedro (Our Company Mascot!)
   Pedro is a fun-loving character that will show up in some of our
                                            classes.  He is usually in our coloring pages and posters.  He loves
                                            to help introduce and immerse children into the Spanish language.

                                Sarah Schulte - Owner & Teacher
                                "Señorita Sarah"
                                           Sarah has been with SpanishFUN since 2012. She is is from                                           Cincinnati, Ohio and studied at the University of Cincinnati
                                          and Northern Kentucky University. She has a degree in
  Spanish with a minor in Latin American Studies and had the
  opportunity to study abroad in Mexico while in college. For the
  2010-2011 school year,  she lived abroad in Catalonia, Spain and
  taught English to children ages 4-12. It was there that her love for
  teaching young children developed, and she saw firsthand how
  much language children could grasp at a very young age. She loves                                                helping children flourish with their natural ability to learn another                                                 language!