"Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you taught Lora.  She loved being in your class and enjoyed learning because it was FUN!  We look forward to many more good times!"
Jamie B.
Lora's Mom
"The boys adore you and have so much fun in your class! And, as a family, we have been having a blast practicing (at home)..."
Kelly G.
Sean and Ian's Mom
SpanishFUN of Ohio
Early Childhood 2nd Language Activities
"Just wanted to let you know how much Austin is enjoying his Spanish lessons.  Thank you for sparking his interest in learning a new language!  We practice his Spanish words every night before bedtime (the worksheets are wonderful)!"
Larra R.
Austin's Mom

“My daughter attends SpanishFun at a local Daycare Center (I also work there). And she LOVES Wednesdays because it is Spanish class. I would recommend this to everyone. Our center has other programs but this is honestly the only one my daughter attends, because I
have seen the programs myself.”
Tamy D.
Elizabeth's Mom

"Señorita Sarah,
Thank you for teaching me Spanish. I learned many new words. I love Spanish. I love it when you come to our school and teach Spanish to all of the kids here!"
Olivia G.
"Thank you Señorita Sarah for teaching a lot of words in Spanish. It is so much fun to hear Spanish because I like it a lot. It is a lot of fun. I like your name."
Quentin B.
"Dear Señorita Sarah,
It is fun when you teach Spanish and I have so much fun! You teach a lot every Thursday and Friday."
Leo B.
"Dear Señorita Sarah,
I like your toys. I wish I had your toys. Thank you for Spanish."
Maelyn K.
"I like you because you know lots of songs. I like all of your songs."
Paige O.
"I like the Spanish song so much. I wish you can teach us forever. I like everything you do for me."
Ferrell C.
"I like when you have us color a lot. I like the toys that you bring. My friends like when you say fork in Spanish."
Caleb E.
"Thank you for teaching us lots of things like fruit and tools in Spanish."
Max G.
"Dear Señorita Sarah,
I want to thank you for all that you have done for my class this year. They thoroughly enjoyed your class and learned a lot of vocabulary. It was a pleasure to have you a part of the curriculum this year and I am looking forward to learning more through your program!"
Mrs. Karen
"We wanted to thank you for a great school year!  Wednesdays after preschool are one of Cade's favorite parts of his week.  You make learning so much fun for all of the kids.  Looking forward to class at the coffee shop this summer."
Stephanie C.
Cade's Mom
"I love Spanish class because I can do lots of cool crafts when I am learning and I really like my teacher Miss Sarah. I really want to learn a third language. It's funny that my name is Sarah too."
Sarah O.